F45, Venice

A set of steel shelving units made from perforated steel and designed to simultaneously complement the beachside energy of the gym and evoke a certain industrial and geometric aesthetic. The staggered lines and alternating sizes of the cubby spaces support the shelving system’s multi-purpose functionality and create an original appearance.


Private Residence, Rose Ave, Venice

An outdoor deck, stairway and planter designed to match the home’s particular style and provide a challenging, geometric art piece for the backyard. All three pieces are constructed from solid Corten (weathering steel), chosen because of its ability to last indefinitely without need of maintenance due to rust and because of the eye-catching coloring and texture it develops over time. The use of exaggerated penta- and parallelogram shapes was decided upon to match the style and personality of the home itself.


Custom Jewelry Case, Cloud Ranch Jewelry, Los Angeles

This custom jewelry showcase was designed and built in house for Cloud Ranch Jewelry. Inspired by the jewelry’s own wild and raw aesthetic, the case features bold, clean lines and elegant shapes reminiscent of old fashioned stained glass windows. The ash wood display that sits inside the steel frame is accessible by a set of hinged doors on the backside of the case. Though the dimensions of this case are on the larger side, we kept the materials light and the design minimal with the idea of mobility in mind. 


Private Residence, Topanga

This project was a complete buildout of a kitchen and living room in a Topanga home. The interior of the kitchen and living space is relatively large, therefore we created proportionately long counters and shelving units to fit the size of the room. The home is a unique blend of rustic and modern aesthetics so we decided to make the design as minimal and modern as possible, but keep a raw finish on the metal to continue the existing particular style of the space. To finish the counter tops we used walnut slabs that elevate the color and texture of the kitchen and pair nicely with the perforated steel of shelves below. Each of the units measures 11 feet making it one of the larger, more impressive build outs we’ve done this year.