Our Process: Brass


Although we usually work with darker metals and matte finishes, we sometimes like to accent our pieces with something a little more shiny. When we feel it fits the aesthetic, we sometimes incorporate brass into our designs to give the piece a unique color and warmth. 

Brass is a metal alloy composed primarily of copper and zinc combined at different ratios. This means that its color can vary widely from dark reddish brown to light silvery yellow and that it has an extremely versatile aesthetic. 

Brass is an ideal material for many projects because it doesn’t rust or drip when exposed to the elements; rather, it forms its own protective oxide layer (patina) on the surface, which helps protect the material from further corrosion making it a great option for outdoor pieces! 

brass table.jpg

Brass also lends itself well to smaller home goods and indoor lighting units. We’ve made quite a few indoor pieces with brass that we really love because of the unique warmth and color of the metal. 

brass light off and on.jpg

Check out the many different ways we've used brass in our work!